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Bold Moves

By the time you are interviewing, you cannot change much about your resume. Your grades are what they are, as are your extracurricular activities, journal membership, law school, and employment history. But what you do have control over is you. As you are preparing for your interviews, you may find it helpful to evaluate your candidacy from the employer's perspective. Put yourself in your i…

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Rude Behavior During Interviews

Lawyers are prone to rude behavior, so you are bound to encounter it at least once during your interviews. If you feel that a question or remark is inappropriate, remember to respond in a calm manner Read Answering Inappropriate or Illegal Questions to help you plan your reaction to rude behavior. At the same time, learn to distinguish between rudeness and legitimate work-related situations. For e…

6 minute read

Tips for Using a Headhunter

Headhunters—also called recruiters—broker talent. They act as liaisons between law firms and attorneys, find out about openings, market candidates who may fit the profile, and help convince both parties they are a good match. Once the match is made, they receive hefty fees for their services (typically, 25 to 35 percent of the candidate's base salary). Sounds easy enough. In r…

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