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What to Bring to the Interview

The Packet, Resume, Writing Samples, Transcripts, References, What Not To Bring

What you bring with you into the interviewing room is just as important as your appearance and your answers. Yet, many people focus solely on appearance and preparation while forgetting to pay attention to what they carry. What you bring with you should communicate that you are professional, confident, and well-prepared, and provide ready “take-aways” for busy interviewers. Your packet or portfolio should consist of a manila folder, your resume, a short writing sample, transcripts, and a list of references. After you finish putting these materials together, do not forget to print your name on the folder so it is clearly visible. As a finishing touch for on-campus interviews, you can clip on a passport-sized photo of yourself on the inside cover. Your school may even offer complimentary folders with the school logo on the cover, which are perfect for this occasion.

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