Careers in the Music Business

Working in the music industry is a dream job for many music fans. While many people associate the music industry with a career as a performer, there are plenty of off-stage roles as well. Like any other industry, jobs in the music industry include sales, finance, information technology, and other infrastructure roles. Unlike other industries, however, these music industry jobs provide a sense of excitement and connection to the music business. For example, a graphic designer at a record label may get the opportunity to design a multimedia campaign for their favorite artist; an IT person at a music company may get to work on the next iTunes or Napster.

And there are plenty of behind-the-scenes careers in music that are not found in other industries. Working as an agent, producer, or recording engineer provides the opportunity to find and work with new music talent.

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Throughout this book many people advise getting a college education from an institution with a music business and internship program. With the rapid advances in new media and technology, the business of music is changing. While not everyone who is successful in the industry has a college education, it has become increasingly important to have the cutting-edge knowledge and tools that an advan…

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MUSIC FOR FILM, TELEVISION, ADVERTISING, AND NEW MEDIA - Creative: Vice President • Senior Vice President Of Music (film Studio), President Or Vice President Of Music

What would films like Forrest Gump, The Big Chill, Saturday Night Fever, or Star Wars be without music? In the late 1990s, music became increasingly important to television, with programs like Ally McBeal, Felicity, Malcolm in the Middle, and Melrose Place featuring music, on-air artist performances, and issuing sound tracks. How many theme songs can you sing? Music is also an i…

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MUSIC PUBLISHING - Executive Office: Chief Executive Officer • President • Vice President/general Manager (major Music Publisher)

Publishers are song salesmen. They are in the business of obtaining copyrights by signing staff writers or purchasing existing catalog and exploiting their use. They do this by licensing song rights to artists, record companies, film and television studios, and advertisers. The publisher negotiates and issues licenses for songs, collects earnings, and ensures that proper royalties are paid. P…

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RECORD COMPANY - Executive Office (major Or Large Label): Chief Operating Officer • President, President/general Manager • Vice President/general Manager

The record company discovers, signs, develops, and records musical talent. It oversees package design, manufacturing, and distribution of the artist's recorded product and creates marketing, publicity, video, and promotional campaigns to maximize sales. Major record companies have a full roster of artists signed to the company and a large staff to promote them. Major labels are often o…

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