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Executive Office (major Or Large Label): Chief Operating Officer • President, President/general Manager • Vice President/general Manager

The record company discovers, signs, develops, and records musical talent. It oversees package design, manufacturing, and distribution of the artist's recorded product and creates marketing, publicity, video, and promotional campaigns to maximize sales.

Major record companies have a full roster of artists signed to the company and a large staff to promote them. Major labels are often owned by a large corporation that also includes a distribution company to deliver the recorded product to retailers. Smaller, independent record companies either affiliate with a major label distribution company, or use an independent distributor to deliver their records to retail outlets. They have a much smaller roster of artists, and a staff of employees who fill multiple job functions.

This chapter is divided into 12 sections: Executive Office (major or large label); Executive Office (smaller or independent label); A&R (Artist and Repertoire); A&R Administration and Production; Creative Services; Promotion; Sales; Marketing and Artist Development; Publicity and Media Relations; Emerging Technologies and Interactive Media; Business and Legal Affairs, and Licensing; and Human Resources and Support Staff. Though basically similar in structure, individual record companies’ department names and job descriptions may differ slightly to fit their specific needs.

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