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Have you ever dreamed of living the glamorous life of a dancer or singer? What if you got to see the world while pursuing your dream of being an entertainer? That is exactly what cruise ship entertainers do. They get paid to do what they love while they live and eat for free on a cruise ship.


If you have a talent for singing, music, dancing, comedy, or even juggling, and you love to travel, a job as an entertainer on a cruise ship might be for you. There are many different kinds of jobs for entertainers on cruise ships. Most nights there is a large show featuring dancers, singers, and musicians. There are also solo acts such as those by magicians or comedians. Musicians can be part of an orchestra that plays while guests dance. They can also be in smaller bands that play on deck during an activity.

Many entertainers take part in the big shows that are often the highlight of the evening for cruise passengers. These shows also need costume designers, lighting technicians, choreographers, and producers.

Entertainers on cruise ships work hard, but they also have free time to enjoy the ship. The big shows are late in the evening, and, except for a rehearsal in the afternoon, entertainers can go ashore or relax on the ship most of the day.

In addition to their regular shows, entertainers sometimes have other duties. They may greet passengers, help out with activities and games, or perform at deck parties. Entertainers are often required to talk with passengers, so they need to be friendly and outgoing.

If you're an entertainer who loves to travel but you're not sure that life on a cruise ship is for you, consider working at a resort. Many resorts all over the world have shows each night to entertain their guests. The shows may feature singers, dancers, or musicians. Often musicians are also hired to play at the pool or beach to entertain the guests during the day.


Cruise ships are a very popular vacation mode, and experts expect the industry to continue growing. This means more passengers will need to be entertained in the coming years. Talented entertainers should have plenty of opportunities to find work on the high seas.

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