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Education And Training

Whether you're a musician, juggler, or dancer, the most important thing to do is practice your skill. Perform in plays, musicals, or talent shows. Practice will help you to develop your talent. It will also help you to gain confidence. In How to Get a Job with a Cruise Line, Pam Jaye, a dancer on a cruise ship, says that cruise ships are “looking for confidence. Find one thing you're good at and use this to build your self-confidence.”

People Who Can Help You Get a Job with a Cruise Line

There are several types of people who can be helpful when it comes time to find a job. A manager can give you advice on what to wear and what kind of act to do. He or she can also help you get work with an agency. Agencies often work closely with cruise lines and help ships hire entertainers. A producer puts shows together, hiring entertainers as well as costume designers, and sound and light people. The producer then sells the whole show to a cruise line. See the For More Information section for agency and producer contact information.

While you're working on your skill, you can also research cruise ships. Find out what cruise lines specialize in. You can also research agencies that hire entertainers for cruise lines. Once you've done your research and your skills are ready to be put to the test, make a videotape to show off your talent. Keep the tape short, and make sure it looks professional. Most cruise ship entertainers got their jobs by sending videotapes or auditioning in person. See the sidebar on the preceding page to find out more about who can help you get a job on a cruise ship.

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