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It's 6:30 AM and you're in a meeting with the ship's captain. At 7:30 you're greeting guests at breakfast. It's 8:15 and you're in your office meeting with your staff. By 9:30 you're checking to make sure guests have gotten safely to shore. At 9:45 you're answering a question from a passenger. Next comes a question from one of your staff. And then you're off to a bingo game. Your busy morning continues, and then it's time for lunch. The afternoon passes in a blur, and the evening is no different. Soon it is 11:30 PM and you collapse into your bed. Your busy day is finally finished.

This sounds like a long day and it is. But did we mention that this long day took place on a cruise ship sailing off the coast of Mexico? A cruise director's job can be tiring, but there are many advantages. Your room on the ship is free and you eat great meals at any time of day—also for free. Maybe best of all, you are seeing the world from the deck of a beautiful ship.


JobMonkey.com lists salaries for cruise directors at more than $80,000 per year. An assistant cruise director earns about $48,000 per year. While you are on the ship all your expenses are paid. You also have free medical care and a clothing allowance.

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