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Do you love dolls? Are you a person who collects dolls or has a dollhouse? Have you ever considered making a doll of your own? Many people are fascinated by the different types of dolls that exist. They seek out new and interesting dolls for their collections. The dolls you see in every major toy store are probably made in a factory, but that doesn't mean they're the only ones out there. Handmade dolls are sought out by collectors and doll enthusiasts everywhere.

The art of doll making is complex and involves many intricate steps. While it's a hobby for some people, others choose to make it their career. If you love dolls, you could earn a living from building dolls for others to enjoy.


As with other kinds of art, doll making does not guarantee a high salary. Doll makers have to work hard at selling their dolls. This may mean working weekends at crafts fairs or setting up their own Web sites to display pictures of their creations and selling them online. No matter how a doll maker chooses to sell his or her dolls, the business side of this vocation is almost another job in itself.

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