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Deliveries are made every day in your town. You probably don't realize just how many vehicles pass you by on their way to provide someone with a good or service. A delivery vehicle drops off the morning newspaper at your home; another brings oil or natural gas to keep you warm; at night your take-out dinner is brought by a delivery driver. In between, dozens of other delivery drivers crisscross every town and city in America doing their jobs.

These jobs are a cross between messenger drivers and truck drivers. Like messenger drivers, delivery drivers must know a specific region and manage to get deliveries to their destinations in a timely and safe manner. Like truck drivers, delivery drivers have to not only drive but likely load and unload the vehicle, which could contain anything from a lightweight pizza box to heavy furniture.


Given how many different delivery jobs exist, and that they are all hourly jobs, there is a reasonable amount of turnover in the delivery business. If you prefer the solitary drive, the familiarity of a single region, and the added responsibility, then this may be the driving career for you.



Most delivery drivers do not benefit from lobbying organizations, but they may be eligible to join some of the other driver-oriented associations listed throughout this book. Please check each one.

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