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Pros And Cons

The job of a doll maker is much like other artistic jobs. One of the best things about being a doll maker is having complete control over your work environment and the hours that you work.

The salary of a doll maker depends on how many dolls one can sell and how much each doll costs. As with other artistic jobs, you may have to pick up a second job to support yourself until you're able to live solely on what you earn as a doll maker. If you're interested in sharing your knowledge of doll making, you can teach a workshop or give private lessons to make some extra money while working in the field that you love.

Did You Know?

Doll collecting is a very popular hobby. People around the world collect many different kinds of dolls, such as Barbie dolls, ethnic dolls, and antique dolls. Dolls in perfect condition can be worth several thousand dollars. A doll appraiser is a person who specializes in appraising the worth of a doll and is able to tell you how much your dolls are worth.

Fun Fact

Raggedy Ann and Andy, possibly the most famous rag dolls in history, were originally conceived by Johnny Gruelle, an illustrator and comic strip writer. His creations weren't just dolls, though. Raggedy Ann and Andy were the characters in Raggedy Ann Stories and Raggedy Andy Stories, children's books published in 1918 and 1920. The books may not be remembered by all, but Gruelle's rag doll creations sure are!

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