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Job Duties

The job duties of a doll maker vary greatly depending on the type of doll that he or she builds. There are many different types of dolls, each made with different materials, constructed to be a variety of sizes. Considering the type of doll you like best will help you figure out what kind of dolls you would like to make.

Porcelain dolls, for example, are very popular. They are made using molds. First, a doll maker creates the doll's head by pouring liquid clay into a mold. Then the mold is put into a kiln, which is an oven for drying ceramics. In the kiln, the clay becomes porcelain. This porcelain head is the center around which the doll will be built. Once the head cools, a face must be painted on; artistic ability is a must. A wig is added to the head to give the doll hair and a body is constructed of various materials, such as cotton, bendable wire, and cloth. Finally, the doll is dressed. A doll maker has a lot of freedom in choosing the dress for his or her creation. If you love fashion or sewing, making clothes for your dolls will be a lot of fun.

Cloth dolls are also very popular but require different skills to build. First the doll maker must choose a pattern for the cloth doll he or she wants to create. A pattern bought from a store or one made by the doll maker can be used. Once the pattern has been chosen, the doll maker must choose the material he or she wants to use. The material is then sewn together, stuffed with cotton, wool, or another kind of doll stuffing, and then decorated. Facial features may be added, as well as clothing, hair, and footwear.

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