Teacher Job Description

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Different Kinds of Teachers

“If you can read this, thank a teacher” is sometimes seen on car bumper stickers. In just a few words, that phrase describes how valuable teachers are. They help children learn about the countries of the world and the stars in the sky, famous people from the past and predictions for the future. They teach math, science, and history, and they help children learn why this information matters in …

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Life in the Classroom

The tasks that teachers perform vary based on their individual jobs. They do have some things in common, such as being on their feet a lot during the day, teaching lessons, and giving tests. Also, most teachers work many hours outside the classroom. Their “official” workday may end after the last school bell rings, but they often prepare tests, grade daily assignments, and grade tests while th…

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Meet a Teacher

Jeff Reeths is a fourth grade teacher at North Muskegon Elementary School in Muskegon, Michigan. He has been an elementary school teacher for six years. Reeths says that one reason he decided to teach school was because of his family. His mother was an elementary school teacher for forty-two years, and his four siblings are all teachers. However, the biggest reason he chose a teaching career was b…

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What It Takes to Be a Teacher

There are certain personal qualities that all teachers need. For example, teachers must enjoy being surrounded by young people. They must genuinely care about their students, and have the desire and willingness to help them learn. They must be enthusiastic about teaching, so they can lead and inspire. They must be understanding, and perhaps most important of all, must be patient. In fact, most tea…

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