Veterinarian Job Description

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From Parakeets to Palominos

Veterinarians are doctors whose patients are pets and wildlife. They perform many different services and may treat their patients at animal clinics, zoos, aquariums, or farms. In North America there are nearly seventy thousand practicing veterinarians. Most veterinarians are general practitioners, which means they typically work with common pets such as dogs and cats. Many others also treat birds …

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In the Clinic and at the Zoo

Depending on their specialties, veterinarians’ jobs often differ from day to day. They perform regular checkups, give shots, clean animals’ teeth, and prescribe medicines. They are also called during emergencies when pets are sick or injured. Sometimes veterinarians care for female pets throughout a pregnancy, and then deliver their babies. Depending on what types of animals are treated, and w…

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Meet a Veterinarian

Dr. Holly Knor decided to become a veterinarian when she was just five years old. Her parents bought her a toy poodle, which she named Pepi. From that point on she was an animal lover. “Having my own dog nourished my love of animals,” she says. “I didn’t even know what veterinarians were until I got Pepi. But after one trip to the vet’s office, I was hooked. I knew I would become a veter…

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What It Takes to Be a Veterinarian

Many veterinarians say they decided what career to pursue at a very young age. In most cases, it was because they loved animals. Yet even though this is an important quality for veterinarians, there is much more to it than that. The road to a career in veterinary medicine is long and difficult, and involves years of college study, hands-on training, and hard work. Young people interested in veteri…

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