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Meet a Writer

When it comes to writing that makes people laugh, Dave Barry is considered one of the best. He has even been called the funniest man in America. Barry is a humor columnist for the Miami Herald. His column is syndicated, which means it is published weekly in newspapers all over the United States and other countries. He has also written twenty-four books, and in 1988 he was awarded the Pulitzer Priz…

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Types of Writers

Many people think of themselves as writers because they often spend time writing for fun. They may write poetry and short stories or articles for a school newspaper. Actually, anyone who writes could be considered a writer—but not everyone makes a career out of writing. Those who do are known as professional writers, or people who make their living by selling the words they have written. The she…

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What It Takes to Be a Writer

The paths writers follow in their careers vary based on what type of writing they do. Most of them attend college and earn a four-year degree. Many study English and other languages and take a number of writing courses. Those who want to pursue careers in newspaper or magazine writing often earn degrees in journalism. Or, some choose to earn degrees in political science, history, law, or geography…

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What Writers Do

Depending on their writing specialty, writers’ jobs are often very different. Some are assigned specific topics to write about. Others come up with their own ideas and write about them. There is one task, however, that most writers share in common: research. For instance, travel writers must develop a thorough understanding of the places about which they are writing. So, most spend a great deal …

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