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Different Kinds of Musicians

Anyone who makes and performs music is considered a musician. Some play instruments, others sing, and many do both. There are those who manage to climb the ladder of success and become rich and famous—but that is rare, as British folk musician Jacey Bedford explains: “Only a tiny proportion of people working in the music business are famous, and even with them it can be a here today, gone tomo…

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Meet a Musician

Nina Storey is a singer and pianist who has performed professionally since she was fifteen years old. She released her first CD in 1993, and over the next ten years she released three more. Throughout her career she has had many exciting opportunities, such as singing backup vocals for the rock group INXS. She has also performed twice in Europe and has toured with blues guitarist and singer Jonny …

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What It Takes to Be a Musician

Most musicians realize the importance of talent. Some talent, such as a beautiful singing voice or the ability to play instruments, may come naturally. However, it takes many years of work to develop talent to a professional level. Jacey Bedford talks about what it takes to make it in the world of professional music: “You can decide to go pro and make a career plan, but unless you’ve got two e…

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What Musicians Do

Young people who dream about becoming professional musicians may think only about the magic of being on stage. However, a musician’s career is about more than just performing. It also involves a tremendous amount of work. Many of them continue studying music even after they have become professional musicians. They also practice and rehearse on a regular basis. Those who tour spend hours travelin…

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