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JEWELER AND JEWELRY REPAIRER - Job Duties, Education And Training, Salary, Pros And Cons, For More Information

jewelers wearing repairers gold

Jewelers and jewelry repairers are responsible for crafting and mending beautiful pieces of jewelry out of gold, silver, gemstones, and other precious materials. The idea of wearing jewelry as an accessory dates back very far. You've surely seen illustrations of cave dwellers wearing accessories fashioned from bones and shells. You've also probably seen the beautiful, intricate gold jewelry of the ancient Egyptians. Jewelry has been around for many years, and its popularity shows no sign of letting up; neither do the job opportunities for jewelers and jewelry repairers.

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over 6 years ago

Hello I am Mr harrys. of Beninese nationality resident in the
Republic of Ghana in recent years. I represent and help a group of miners
Ghanaian villagers to sell natural precious metals, mainly gold powder. We
are looking for a safe and reliable partner, buyer or buyer not living in
Europe (Russia, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Greece, Denmark, and many
others ....) Asia (China, India ...) the USA, Latin America or the Middle
East (Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar ...) for the sale and export of the raw
metal powder through a reasonable interest we have currently for the export
80 kilograms of gold (AU) Gross whose characteristics are as follows:

NB we can also bring them through diplomatic channels.

also we have 23 pounds in a bank in West Africa precisely in Togo which you can pay to the bank and withdraw..
thank you for understanding