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Education & Training

Many people employed in education and teaching jobs say that it is the most rewarding job a person could have. Every day, thousands of high school teachers, college professors, librarians, and even museum tour guides share their knowledge and experience with others.

Most jobs in teaching and education require a college degree or significant experience in the subject. Jobs in libraries, schools, and universities almost always require a bachelor’s degree, while vocational teaching positions may require a college degree in addition to years of hands-on work experience. Teachers, educators, and instructors are expected to have a level of expertise in their area of focus.

However, entry-level positions in teaching and education do exist, even for workers without specialized training. Examples of these include day care assistants or library assistants. Additionally, entry-level or volunteer positions are often available at museums. These entry-level positions can be a great choice for students enrolled (or planning to enroll) in a college-level program in education, library science, history or archival science.

The career profiles on this page provide more information about teaching and education jobs. Each article lists job search resources, average salaries, and employment growth outlook.