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Events Coordinator

Education and Training: Bachelor degree in communication, marketing or hospitality
Average Salary: $36,000 per year
Job Outlook: Very Good

Event coordinators plan and conduct events, making it audience friendly. It is not an easy task as it requires someone who wears many hats. This job profile spans over various domains including planning, collaborating, scheduling, contacting and contracting, publishing, promoting, and so on. The most important aspects which an event coordinator must pay attention to are as follows:

  • Adhering to the budget
  • Supporting and collaborating to gain the right sponsorship
  • Making precise and stringent conference schedules, guidelines, and policies
  • Contracting with specialists like caterers, recorders, and many other vendors to ensuring accurate time lines
  • Arranging each and every facility in a timely manner
  • Following counselors to cover every aspect of the event
  • Support staff and other attendants and guide them to work as per the needs of the event
  • Publishing and promoting the event while keeping the budget in mind
  • Reporting details to the head coordinator
    All of these and many more cover the profile of an Event Coordinator. A candidate having the right skills and capabilities to meet the job challenges can make a prolific career in this sector.

Education and Training Requirements

Although this job does not require any specific educational qualification, the education industry has a varied range of programs that introduce students about all the possibilities in this domain. These programs can make you aware of the on-going trends in the industry with all its pros and cons. However, many event management companies hire students having a degree or any kind of certificate in Event Management. There are various aspects of event management that also includes set designing, costuming, entertainment, floral arranging, and so. A candidate having prior background in the domain and is highly creative will be employed easily by the top event management companies. Top-notch universities such as The George Washington University, Western Washington University, University of Missouri Columbia, etc. offer various programs and certificate courses in event management.
Above all these, there is something universal that dominates the qualities of an event coordinator and that is creativity. An event coordinator should be highly creative who can make any event a joyful experience for the audience.

Getting the Job

Prominent and top-notch employers prefer to hire high school graduates having some qualifications related to the job. Candidates not having any related qualification have to start from scratch, which sometimes makes the job very difficult. Thus, a formal education or some of sort of qualification is suggested to every candidate willing to make a career in this domain. Also, the candidate should be a good team player who has the capability to work with different kinds of people and the ability to handle difficult situations.
Apart from educational qualifications, a candidate having prior work experience in the domain also grabs the attention of good employers. Students doing internships often have good chances to secure a full-time position as it is a completely contact and performance based job. During interviews, a candidate is tested for communication skills, creative and imaginative ability, an eye for details, business sense, and so on.

Job Prospects, Employment Outlook and Career Development

Conventional and meeting planners have grabbed 51,000 jobs in US, which are expected to rise up to 20% till 2016.

Working Conditions and Environment

Working conditions are harsh for newcomers to this field, but once a candidate has established himself/herself in the domain, it soothes down. Though offices of the employers are state-of-the-art, it doesn’t help as much of the work includes outdoor activities.

Salary and Benefits

The salary of those starting in this field is comparatively low, but it gradually increases with each new contact and good performance, with the average salary around $36,000 per year.

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