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Event Manager

Education and Training Schooling in arts with degree /diploma in event management
Average Salary $60,000
Job Outlook Very good

Event managers are those who are responsible for planning and executing an event in a synchronous manner. It is a field that displays creative, technical and leadership qualities and it involves organizing various events such as weddings, music concerts, seminars, sports events, etc. Event managers have to develop, manage, and turn the innovative idea into a successful one. Organizing an event must be done according to the needs of the client. Event managers have to look into minute details of the event from planning the event, coordinating with different agencies, setting deadlines and meeting them on time to make the event a success. To be successful, one must be able to think of themes and concepts that have never been thought of before.

Education and Training Requirements

To become an event manager, one must possess strong organizational skills, good public relations skills, fine creative skills, leadership qualities, and high degrees of energy and enthusiasm. There is no minimum qualification to become an event manager if one possesses the above mentioned skills. However, for organizing corporate events, a degree in tourism, event management, business administration, marketing management, public relations, or wedding planning would be beneficial. A firm grasp in English, Economics, and Accounting can aid in a promising future in this field. Also, working as a trainee with a company can be helpful too.

Getting the Job

To get into this career one can join an event management company as a trainee/apprentice in order to gain good work experience. Joining an event management institute is also a good way to build a work profile. All companies have their own field of work — concerts, fashion shows, or trade shows are some of the events an event manager can work in. A person with good skills can work as a manager or as a consultant for various companies. Event managers can also work independently and start their own event management businesses.

Job Prospects, Employment Outlook and Career Development

With the industry bound to grow by leaps and bounds in the coming years, job opportunities are also increasing. Various seminars, mega events, numerous marriages, music concerts are making the prospects of the industry even brighter and letting the industry grow into a multi-billion dollar industry.

Working Conditions and Environment

Event management is one of the hardest jobs. It requires working in an office or at venues where events are being organized. Event managers could have to work varying hours with early morning hours or late into the night or weekends for weddings. Event managers must be flexible with their work hours and must be ready to work or travel for long hours at a time. The work can be stressful depending on the event the manager is organizing.

Salary and Benefits

A person working in the field of event management for over 3 years can earn upto $55,000 or more per annum whereas a beginner can easily fetch $45,000 or more per annum. Senior event managers can make around $85,000 per annum .However the salary depends more on experience and the qualification of an event manager.

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Event Management Training, USA
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Phone (212) 601-9289.

The GW School Of Business
2201 G St., NW
Washington, DC 20052
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