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Events Planner

Education and Training: Art design or business background
Average Salary: $20 to $40 per hour
Job Outlook: Good

Across the globe, the events industry is worth as much as $500 billion, besides the profits that are mounting day by day. It is an industry where interaction with people is of supreme importance and is not a monotonous office job. Becoming an event planner is a satisfying job and it also pays well.
A certified event planner is high in demand and these well-paid professionals organize social events for big cruise lines, hotels, non-profit organizations, theme parks as well as corporations. Nevertheless, this profession doesn’t only require certain degree but also creativity and proper organization skills.

Education and Training Requirements

There are no particular educational requirements for event planners. Nevertheless, big hotels as well as casinos that need planners look for talents primarily in the graduate school pool. Such professionals have worked in industries including art, entertainment field, design, and so on.
Event planners generally require a good imaginative power, sound business sense, and a keen eye for details. They should be creative as well as organized. Other requirements for event planners is effective communication skills, competency to deal with all kinds of people, and a balanced nature. Event planners should even possess working know-how of construction, floral arranging, costuming, entertainment, and interior design. Event planners aspiring to enter the industry can also get in touch with different trade firms that have connections with event planning organization like the Society of Government Meeting Professionals for assistance, Meeting Professionals International (MPI), and alike.

Getting the Job

To become an event planner, it is essential to apply directly to party-planning organizations, hotels, casinos, and so on so that an entry-level position is gained. On the other hand the planner who seeks to start up an altogether new venture should have substantial capital, patience, contacts in the business, as well as a lot of determination.

Job Prospects, Employment Outlook and Career Development

As an event planner gains a reputation, the prospects for development in the field increases. The employment prospects increase with time devoted in the business and successful planning of high profile events in hotels or casinos. This brings in repeated orders and as you progress in the same, the probability of success doubles.
Event planning has spurred as a major business, with the social scenario changing over the time. The demand for the event planners will further brighten in the year 2014 and the outlook for event planners is certainly related to state economy.

Working Conditions and Environment

Event planners are bound to spend considerable time at a particular site of the event and on their phone with the suppliers. It is a demanding job that can be stressful requiring time and effective arrangements. Thus, event planners should be good multitaskers and have an ability to solve unexpected problems calmly and successfully.

Salary and Benefits

The payouts for event planners differ greatly. It could range anywhere between $20 to $30 and even $40 per hour. Some of the event planners working for casinos as well as hotels are salaried, nonetheless, there are others who work for firms and are paid on an hourly basis or on an event basis. There are many self-employed event planners who even draw $1000 to $2000 per event. There are many event planners who have a flat fee charged but others charge just a percent of the entire event.

Where to Go for More Information

International Special Events Society
401 N Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60611-4267
(800) 688-4737

5200 Kanan Rd., Ste. 225
Agoura Hills, CA 91301
(800) 950-8238

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