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If you're reading this book, you probably already know you like to travel. Maybe you enjoy the excitement of visiting exotic places or meeting new people. Maybe you like to wake up in a different place every day. Or maybe you're drawn to the idea of trying new things: new food, new music, new languages.

Did you ever think that your love of travel could pay the bills? Did you ever consider that you could have a career that would allow you to travel to faraway places—and not just on vacation? There are many careers that allow you to try new things and visit new places. This book will give you some ideas about careers that could help you to lead a life of adventure.

For instance, if you like the water you could become a cruise director on a ship sailing to Hawaii or a deckhand on a fishing boat in Nova Scotia. If you've always wanted to fly, you could take to the skies as a flight attendant. Or you could launch fighter jets from an aircraft carrier stationed off the coast of Saudi Arabia. You could see North America from the cab of a tractor-trailer, or from a speeding passenger train. Are you great behind a camera? Maybe a career as a photojournalist is for you. If you love sports, think about a career as a baseball umpire. As a travel agent you could help other people fulfill their travel dreams—while doing lots of traveling yourself.

These and many other careers described in this book will allow you to see places you might never see otherwise and do things you never thought you'd do. Best of all, they could allow you to do what you love full-time, all year long.

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