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When you hear the word “career,” do you think of large, monolithic corporations, featureless glass office buildings, and sterile, claustrophobic office cubicles? Do you imagine hours of photocopying, shuffling papers, and staring bleary-eyed at a computer monitor under bleak florescent lights? What if you were offered the opportunity to work on a ship that sailed the sea in search of great big whales or voyaged to remote, unspoiled areas of the world, such as the Arctic Circle? What if you could be living and working in a national park, leading a cattle drive on horseback, or transforming an abandoned city lot into a beautiful green space?

For some lucky people, work means being outside every day, interacting closely with the environment, and pursuing a passion for nature. Many cool careers exist for nature lovers, and many of them do not require a college degree in order to get your foot in the door. In this book, you will be introduced to many jobs that will allow you to earn money in the great outdoors. All of these jobs emphasize hands-on experience as much as formal academic training. So if you have a passion for the work and are willing to initially perform “grunt” duties for low pay, you should find opportunities for advancement before long. If advancement is dependent upon academic training, many of these jobs provide the necessary courses and programs. In addition, courses taken at a community college or technical school can also often satisfy job requirements.

Deriving a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment from a job is often a question of pursuing your interests. If you wish to spend every workday in nature, do not assume that such a desire is an idle daydream. You can make a living from your passion for the outdoors, and this book will show you how to go about finding a job that benefits both you and the environment.

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