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If you enjoy dabbling in crafts but have only considered crafts as a hobby, take heart—you may be able to earn a living making things that you love. Many people create and sell their crafts. The types of crafts they make, their artistry and skill, and where they sell their products helps dictate what they earn. Dollar for dollar, what you earn will depend on the cost of your materials and the time you spend creating your craft.

To turn your hobby into a career, you will have to work very hard and be extremely dedicated. Among many considerations will be whether to sell your creations wholesale (to someone who will mark up the price and sell it to the public), or retail (to someone who will use it). This is a decision that will affect your profits.

To learn more about the possibilities of a career in crafts, attend classes, read books, and talk to professionals in the field. Linda Powers, president of the Arts and Crafts Association of America, told the author that trade shows sponsor classes and certification opportunities. Major cities and surrounding areas offer a wide range of arts and crafts shows, art festivals, and art galleries. The leading states for arts and crafts are Florida, California, Colorado, Arizona, Ohio, Michigan, New York, and Pennsylvania.

If a career in crafts is what you see in your future, explore the possibilities now. Many types of people decide to go into the arts and crafts business. As Powers says, “You have professional artists and crafters who decide to make a career out of what they love doing, and you also have the leisure crafter. Any age can enjoy crafts, and it is not gender-specific. Most everyone has a creative side.” She adds, “Since most artists and crafters are independents and run their own business, students should prepare themselves with not only art classes, but business classes as well.”

The arts and crafts industry earns $14 billion annually and continues to grow each year. This book describes many careers in crafts and what it takes to succeed in the craft business. If you love to express your creative side, the time is always right to explore the possibilities of a cool career in crafts.



Arts and Crafts Association of America (ACAA)
4888 Cannon Woods Court
Belmont, MI 49306
(616) 874-1721
Web site: http://www.artsandcraftsassoc.com
The ACAA is a national organization that supports independent artists and crafters throughout the United States. The long-range plan of the board of directors is to develop chapters in each state

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