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best boy grip, 89, 90

Billboard, 15


dolly grip, 89, 90–91


head shot, 14–15, 18–19, 31, 34, 48

Henson Productions, 130


key costumer, 102

key grip, 89, 90


networking, 21, 56


unions/associations, 19–21, 22, 33, 49, 54

About the Author

Melanie Ann Apel holds a bachelor's degree in theater arts from Bradley University. Her credits include both stage and industrial film acting as well as stage directing. Apel lives in Chicago with her husband, Michael, and their brand-new baby boy. She has written more than thirty books for the Rosen Publishing Group.


The author wishes to thank Darwin R. Apel, Esme Codell, Bonnie Juettner, members of the SCBWI, and especially Sandy Watson, for their expertise, guidance, and assistance. Without them, this book could not have been completed.

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