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global positioning systems (GPS), 65, 95

Globalshipservices.com, 103

government agencies, 95–96


International Council of Cruise Lines (ICCL), 42

internships and apprenticeships, 12, 22, 85, 94


kayaking, 11–12


labor unions, 60, 120

languages, 7, 41, 59, 112

leadership development, 41

lighting technicians, 101–102


O'Day, Hank, 33

organizational skills, 13, 110, 112

outdoor recreation, 13


Railroad Voices (Niemann), 120

recruiters, 22–23

restaurants, 112

Riel, John, 129–131

riverboats, 46–47


vehicle drivers, military, 24


Wendelstedt Umpire School, 32

Wood, Danielle, 10


yachts, 46–47, 51

youth counselors, 104

About the Author

Simone Payment has a degree in psychology from Cornell University and a master's degree in elementary education from Wheelock College. She has taught elementary school, and worked in book publishing and for a health-care company. She is also the author of a biography of the Negro League baseball star Buck Leonard, a biography of the French explorer La Salle, and a book about Navy Seals.


The author would like to thank Heidi Friederich, Michelle Graziano, Tim James, John Riel, and Robin Shotola for their expert information and insights. She would also like to thank Jennifer Collins, Jason Jones, Mimi Linden, and Sarah Smith for putting her in touch with the experts.

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