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Jobs Creating Search Engines

Computer Programmers, Beyond Google, Software Engineers, Computer Systems Analysts

The U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Outlook Handbook publishes America's official breakdown of industries and specific jobs within industries. Each position is profiled detailing the job's specific duties, average working conditions, market conditions, and average salaries. The Department of Labor also publishes the number of workers in each industry and how these numbers are expected to change over a decade. Before examining specific career opportunities that are related to creating search engines, successful job candidates should consider the following traits useful:

  • Experience with various computer hardware and software systems and processes
  • A clear understanding of several programming languages such as C++ and Java
  • Genuine interest in the future of computing capabilities
  • A methodical, practical, and logical approach to problem-solving techniques
  • Solid communication and math skills
  • Excellent sense of creativity and self-discipline
  • The stamina to work independently
  • The desire for continuing education as technology evolves

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