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Jobs Creating Search Engines

Beyond Google

There are plenty of search engine options that will lead to a world of discovery beyond Google. Below is a list of the most popular:

LookSmart.com: LookSmart is a search engine that features categories to narrow your Internet search such as “Health,” “Education,” “Sports,” and “Style.” In addition, it features an alphabetical listing of the links of print publications on its home page. Other resources include “Resources” and “Web Picks.”

Ask.com: Ask.com has a variety of “human” tools to help people search including a dictionary and encyclopedia, as well as a way to search images, news, and maps. Ask.com also has a link to search popular blogs.

AltaVista.com: AltaVista.com, the Web's first full-text database, divides user categories into groups such as Web pages, MP3 files, images, video, and news. In addition, it allows users to narrow their searching fields by country and/or language. Another bonus is its “Babel Fish” language translator.

Dmoz.com: Dmoz.com is the Web's largest open human-edited directory run entirely by volunteers. Its home page is divided into approximately twenty categories, each one a link to a larger list of more specific categories. For instance, one click on the “Arts” category leads users to a large variety of related categories, each with hundreds (or thousands) of Web pages.

Mooter.com: Mooter.com uses Web clustering to help users narrow their search. For instance, a search of “photography” produces the following options: “art,” “history,” “nature,” “accessories,” and “resources,” each one its own link to further specify results.

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