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Jobs Creating Search Engines

Computer Systems Analysts

Computer systems analyst positions that are related to creating search engines largely handle data storage and provide technical support to large computer networks. According to a 2005 California Projections of Employment report, job growth for systems analysts is expected to skyrocket by at least 52 percent over the next decade. There were nearly 50,000 systems analysts working at various firms in California alone during 2005.

Computer systems analysts are generally creative problem-solvers. They are able to dissect entire networks of computers and determine how to best maintain them, update their capabilities, increase their storage capacities, and improve their overall efficiency. To this end, the most sought-after systems analysts possess a combination of intellectual, technical, and interpersonal skills. They must also be excellent communicators to explain the projected needs of a search engine or a company's network of computers and data storage systems as they (or the Web itself) expand.

The median annual salary for systems analysts in 2004 was approximately $92,570, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, but salaries could top out at more than $107,000 per year depending on a person's level of experience and technical expertise. All employers are seeking only those individuals who have at least earned a four-year degree, and some require graduate degrees as well. Once employed, top earners also scored better-than-average benefits packages. Some packages can include such perks as expense accounts, stock options, and frequent financial incentives such as deadline-oriented and end-of-the-year bonuses.

Students who are interested in pursuing careers as computer systems analysts should also take as many math and computer classes as possible, both in high school and college. Again, the most highly sought after applicants will be extremely versatile in various computer languages and operating systems. Among the ways in which prospective systems analysts can gain experience and exposure to different computer networks is by seeking internships and company training and mentoring programs.

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