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Clothing is an important part of our society. People practice self-expression by the clothes they wear. People make careers out of studying clothing and fashion. And tailors and dressmakers are the people who make these articles of clothing for others to wear.

The practice of wearing clothing began as a way to keep warm and survive extreme weather. Through the years the practice has changed drastically. People now choose their clothing depending on their taste and style. It is no longer just about survival anymore. The fashion industry is big business, and tailors and dressmakers are an important part of the industry.


These days, tailors and dressmakers make an average of approximately $19,500 per year. If, however, you decide that you're more interested in sewing your own designs, your profit would be based on how much you charge for your creations. It is not unusual for a tailor or dressmaker to pick up additional freelance projects to make extra money.


Sewing Seams Simple for Teens (1995)
If you're a beginner, look no further for a video to help you learn to sew. It's perfect for those just starting out.

Speed Sewing: Ten Super Tips
This video will be most helpful if you already know how to sew. It provides tips on improving the speed of your sewing.

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