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Education And Training

If you've already begun your own sewing projects, you're on the right track. The ability to sew is a necessary skill for a tailor or dressmaker, so if you're considering this profession, you will have to learn to sew. Your school may offer art classes that incorporate sewing, or you can take a sewing class at a local recreation center.

It is best to have a love of fashion to enter this field. You'll be required to help customers pick out styles that best suit them and that are current. A knowledge of different kinds of fabric is also helpful because they are the backbone of your creations.

If you're interested in starting your own business, you can begin by sewing clothing and selling to local shops or to your friends. If you can build a base of people who want to purchase things from you, you may be able to open a store and sell your clothing from there.

If you're already skilled in sewing, you can obtain a job as an alterer in a factory or large store. A job like this will give you more experience working in the field and will possibly open up more career opportunities.

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