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Pros And Cons

If you already enjoy sewing and creating your own articles of clothing, becoming a tailor or dressmaker could be the ideal job because you would be able to practice your hobby and get paid for it. You will also be surrounded by like-minded people who share your interest.

If you decide to get a job in a large factory, you may find the noise from the machines disturbing. However, most factories abide by building codes to ensure that the workplace is clean and safe.

You must be very skilled to obtain a job in this field, but if sewing is your passion, getting a job should be easy. If you're interested in utilizing your creative side, this may be the career for you!

Did You Know?

Elias Howe is often credited with inventing the sewing machine because he held patents for it in 1844. But models had been built long before that—the earliest functional model in France, in 1830.

Bathelemy Thimonnier created the first working sewing machine. People were afraid that the sewing machine would eliminate the need for hand stitchers, causing people to lose their jobs, and Thimonnier's factory was burned down and his machines destroyed. He fled to England to escape any further persecution, but he is truly the inventor of the first working sewing machine.

Fun Fact

Television shows, movies, and theater productions all rely on a wardrobe person to supply the outfits for the production. Sometimes this person is called a wardrobe coordinator, wardrobe assistant, or costume designer. Some productions are easier than others to find wardrobe for, especially if they're set in current times. But many productions take place in another era, and that's when the skills of a wardrobe person are really tested. He or she must find costumes that fit the period in which the production takes place. Then he or she must alter them to fit the actors and actresses. If costumes are not easily obtainable, the wardrobe coordinator must create the costumes from scratch. This is the ideal job for a skilled tailor or dressmaker with an interest in television, movies, and theater.

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