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Lateral Interviews

Discussions About Specialty

Lately, more and more firms are discussing a specialty with lateral associates. This includes even the most junior associates with less than two years of experience. For many firms, it is no longer sufficient to be a good litigator or a good corporate attorney and ride your way to a partnership. Now, attorneys must develop a specialty earlier in their careers. Keep in mind that the mere fact that you got a lateral interview means that you are probably being considered for a position in a specific department or group. Before they make you an offer, chances are your interviewers will want to zero in on the type of work you want to do in order to find out whether you will be a good match for the type of work they offer. Finally, remember that the firm may not be hiring for a certain department due to a slowdown. If you say you have several specialties in mind, the firm will undoubtedly appreciate your flexibility.

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