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Simple Truths About Handling Salary Questions in an Interview

Avoid The Subject (or, Let's Play Chicken), When To Discuss Salary, Knowing What You're Worth

The salary discussion is probably the toughest part of the job-search process in general, and the most challenging aspect of the interviewing process in particular. If you've been out of work for more than a few weeks, you may already be feeling the pinch, and are likely anxious to start drawing a paycheck. If your job search wears on for several months, you may legitimately be in dire financial straits and really need to start earning again. Employers know this and will use it to their advantage whenever possible. However, bear in mind that a concession of a few thousand dollars in starting annual salary now will follow you for the rest of your career, or at the very least throughout your tenure with this employer. All your future raises, bonuses, and other incentives will be predicated on the starting salary you agree to when you're hired. Therefore, anything you can do to improve your negotiating position and increase your initial salary with a new employer will pay dividends that will compound over the course of your working life.

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