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Simple Truths About Handling the 5 Toughest Challenges in a Job Interview

Challenge #1: The Incompetent Interviewer, Tips From The Pros, Challenge #2: Illegal Questions

Let's face it: For most of us, the entire job-search process, especially anything remotely resembling an interview, presents challenges of one kind or another. We've already explored a range of interview questions, and you've had the opportunity to develop your own unique approach to handling such questions in order to demonstrate that you have what it takes to meet the prospective employer's needs and exceed expectations. Hopefully, by now you're beyond the initial, purely terrifying realization that the rest of your career may depend upon your performance in a high-pressure situation with a stranger whose judgment may determine whether you take the next step toward realizing your professional goals.

Now it's time to address the simple truth that some challenges are, in fact, more daunting than others. Perhaps you have noticed that the word “challenge” has found its way into the vocabularies of many people as a euphemism for “problem” or “any really tough thing.” Some experts encourage using this term in order to refrain from characterizing anything as truly difficult or complicated or just plain tough to handle. Well, let's be honest: The five situations we're about to address can be truly challenging. With proper preparation, however, these situations can be navigated successfully. It is possible to accept the “lemons” that are thrust upon you and make the proverbial lemonade—that is, to find ways to transform this initially sour fruit into something pleasant and, yes, perhaps even sweet. How can you turn what seems to be an insurmountable obstacle into another opportunity for you to shine and demonstrate your unique value to the prospective employer? Let's begin.

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