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Simple Truths About Job Interviews

The Many Types Of Job Interviews, The Three Ps Of Job Interviewing, Summary

Professional resume writers will tell you that a strong resume and cover letter will paint a compelling picture of how your unique skills can solve a prospective employer's challenges. Likewise, professional career coaches will tell you that a job interview is your opportunity to connect with the prospective employer, both on a professional and personal level, to sell your skills and abilities and, equally important, to determine if you believe there will be a good fit—in other words, to help you decide if you really want the job.

Many job seekers invest a great deal of energy and effort in developing resumes and cover letters. Countless books have been written on the topic (including a few by this author), and these documents are vitally important. In the final analysis, though, your cover letter and resume are actually all about winning you the opportunity to interview. Once you're there, how you present yourself and how well you connect with the interviewer(s) will determine whether you are invited back for a second interview and, ultimately, whether you are offered a job.

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