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Cover Letters for Administrative and Clerical Careers

Keywords And Keywords Phrases For Administrative And Clerical Cover Letters

Your cover letter presents an excellent opportunity to show prospective employers and recruiters how the skills and accomplishments documented on your resume relate to their specific hiring needs. Each industry and profession presents unique cover letter writing and design challenges. If you are interested in pursuing an administrative or clerical career, be certain to include highlights of these important success factors in your cover letters:

Success Factor #1

Focus on the contributions you have made to the overall success of your employers (for example, increasing revenues, reducing costs, upgrading technologies, managing key projects, or improving productivity and efficiency).

Success Factor #2

Highlight the vast array of skills, qualifications, competencies, and talents that you offer which, for most administrative professionals, is quite extensive due to the varied nature of the work you perform.

Success Factor #3

Demonstrate your value by emphasizing the number and types of people and organizations you have supported to give further “depth” to your experience. And don't forget your “customer service” skills, even if your “customers” are internal.

Success Factor #4

Showcase all of your technical skills and qualifications. Word processing, spreadsheets, accounting software, and customer databases all can be important. They are essential in today's electronic world of work!

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