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Cover Letters for Government Careers

Keywords And Keywords Phrases For Government Cover Letters

Your cover letter presents an excellent opportunity to show prospective employers and recruiters how the skills and accomplishments documented on your resume relate to their specific hiring needs. Each industry and profession presents unique cover letter writing and design challenges. If you are interested in pursuing a career in government, be certain to include highlights of these important success factors in your cover letters:

Success Factor #1

Often when applying for a government position, you will be requested to submit a resume along with other documentation. This might include statements of Key Skill Areas (KSAs), responses to specific questions, information about your particular competencies, and more. If this is the situation, the best advice for writing your cover letter is to include information that is unique to you and your experience, and that makes you stand out from other applicants.

Success Factor #2

Some postings will use the term “Letter of Interest” instead of “Cover Letter.” Show your interest in the position by showcasing how you will use your skills and experience to address the challenges of that particular position.

Success Factor #3

Use your cover letter to explain any special circumstances that aren't covered in the resume. These might include your desire to relocate (and why), reasons for a career change, or special accommodations for a disability. (Note that a candidate with a disability may be sought after by hiring officials, due to the government's desire to fulfill EOE/Affirmative Action goals and objectives.)

Success Factor #4

Some agencies offer the choice of submitting a paper application or an electronic application. In many instances, the electronic application process does not allow you to include a cover letter. For this reason, consider using the paper application process, whenever possible, to take advantage of the opportunity to sell yourself with a powerful cover letter targeted for that specific position.

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