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Job Title: Stunt Coordinator, Job Title: Aerial Director/coordinator, Job Title: Visual Effects Supervisor

When the script calls for a setting too expensive to build, a creature that does not exist, or action that is too dangerous to allow an actor to perform, the special effects team is called in. Runaway vehicles, bullet strikes, and explosions are examples of physical effects: special effects staged during filming without photographic tricks. Snow drifts added to a scene after it has been filmed is an example of computer generated imagery (CGI). The combining of a CGI dinosaur with film footage of an actor running away from it is an example of an optical effect.

The individuals who supervise, design, create, and perform these effects include:

  • • Stunt Coordinator: devise, plan, choreograph, and oversee execution of stunt sequences.
  • • Stuntperson: double for actors during dangerous action sequences.
  • • Aerial Coordinator: supervise usage of aircrafts and pilots.
  • • Visual Effects Supervisor: plan and oversee the creation of visual effects.
  • • Visual Effects Producer: oversee budget and production schedule of special effects.
  • • Visual Effects Art Director: design visual effects.
  • • Visual Effects Editor: communicates necessary filming information between the visual effects supervisor and the film editor.
  • • Special Effects Coordinator: organize and oversee on set physical effects.
  • • Special Effects Crew: those who actually create and execute special effects, whether physical effects, trick photography, or computer generated effects. Includes model builders, matt painters, computer animators, and so on.
  • • Physical Effects Designer: design and fabricate machinery used to create special effects.
  • • Physical Effects Technician: create elemental effects, such as rain or wind.
  • • Pyrotechnician: responsible for special effects involving fire or explosives.
  • • Special Effects Makeup Artist: design and create more complex makeup, generally involving latex prosthetics.
  • • Weapons Specialist: provide, maintain, and oversee the use of real weaponry.
  • • Effects Animator: digitally enhance already filmed effects.

Note: Depending on the size of the production, one individual may fulfill multiple job functions.

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