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LOCATIONS AND TRANSPORTATION - Job Title: Location Manager, Job Title: Transportation Coordinator, Job Title: Transportation Office Coordinator Or Transportation Accountant

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Gone are the days when a project was constructed and filmed entirely on a studio soundstage. Today's production budgets require that suitable existing locations be found as settings, and transportation arranged for the actors, crew, and equipment to get there.

The location manager finds locations that fit the needs of the script, director, and budget; negotiates usage with the owner; obtains the proper permits and variances; and smooths out the inevitable problems. Scouts are sometimes used for the legwork of photographing the prospective locations. A large production may require multiple location managers and scouts.

The transportation department is in charge of just that: getting people and equipment where they need to be, when they need to be there. Office staff members handle vehicle purchase and rental, dispatching of personnel, contracts and paperwork, and accounting. Drivers handle the actual transport.

This chapter is divided into two sections: Locations and Transportation Department.


Job Overview

A location scout is an individual who finds potential shooting locations, photographs them, and obtains the owner's permission to shoot there.


Job Overview

The captain assists the transportation coordinator in the leasing and insuring of all production vehicles, hiring the drivers, and generally overseeing the drivers and vehicles while on set.


Job Overview

A driver is any person who drives a vehicle leased by the production, from a big rig and trailer to the cars assigned to individual actors. Generally, drivers are required to have a commercial driver's license. Union productions require drivers to also be a member of the Teamster's union.

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