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Senior Vice President • Vice President • Director (international Administration)


The focus here is to facilitate communication between the company's American office and their foreign offices and affiliates throughout the world. They should ensure that each has the necessary paperwork to protect copyrights and collect appropriate earnings of both the firm's catalog and songs that they subpublish outside the United States. Administrators also provide notification of new writer and artist signings, catalog acquisitions, and newly released records, film, television, and advertising that contain songs published by the firm. They should interface with owners of catalogs the firm subpublishes.


To succeed, you should have a broad knowledge of the music publishing business, an understanding of foreign publishing rights and societies, strong verbal and written communication skills, and the ability to multi-task.


A working knowledge of music publishing is a requirement for an international position. Apply for any administration or clerical position within the publishing company and once in, express a desire to work in international. You might also work for one of the performing rights societies to gain some skills and knowledge, and then look for an opening with a publishing firm.

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