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MARKETING AND PUBLICITY - Publicity: Independent Publicist • Press Agent • Publicist • Public Relations, Director Or Fan Club President


Marketing and publicity people are an artist's link to the media. They fulfill many of the same functions as their record company counterparts. However, they are generally able to focus their energy on a specific artist or project because they have smaller rosters of clients and fewer corporate business tasks. Being independent also allows marketers to specialize in areas. This chapter covers two main areas: the more traditional role of independent Publicity and some of the diverse possibilities of Alternative Marketing.

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almost 4 years ago

Thanks for the info, been looking everywhere for information on this.

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about 4 years ago

Whatever talents we possess, if our ideas are not marketed properly through Medias, they won’t reach public. This is a fact that no one can deny. One thing to be noted is the mode of marketing. If the selected mode is not good, it may turn out to be negative marketing and as a result even with outstanding skills; our career might end up in disaster.