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Health & Medicine

Today’s careers in healthcare and medicine range from hands-on medical jobs like family doctor and pediatrician, to specialist positions like a surgeon or cardiologist, to administrative jobs like medical coding or hospital administration. The management and administrative part of the healthcare industry represents a growth area for many medical careers. As the amount of patient information increases, hospitals and health clinics have a growing need for management of patient data, medical billing, and other administrative duties.

Medical technology provides an opportunity for those interested in technology and medicine to combine their interests into a rewarding career. Technician jobs in radiology, for example, allow technicians to help patients while working with the latest and most advanced equipment.

For people who truly enjoy healing patients and treating illnesses, the roles of physicians, nurses, and specialist doctors are still in demand as well. This includes doctors who treat physical ailments as well as therapists, psychologists, and others who specialize in mental health.

Those more interested in the “medicine” side of the health and medicine field may find satisfaction in working as an anesthesiologist, pharmacist, or pharmacy technician.

Modern health care is often administered by a team of doctors, including support staff like medical assistants, surgical technicians, and a number of other roles. As such, teamwork is an important part of most healthcare jobs. And, there’s room for a number of supporting roles in most medical situations – different training specialties and educational levels are valued.

The articles listed on this page describe dozens of jobs in healthcare and medicine. Each article explains the educational requirements, working conditions, job outlook, and average salary.

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