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Internet Quality Assurance Specialist Job Description, Career as a Internet Quality Assurance Specialist, Salary, Employment

Definition and Nature of the Work, Education and Training Requirements, Getting the Job

Education and Training Bachelor’s degree

Average Salary $42,000 per year

Job Outlook Excellent

Basic Job Description

Internet quality assurance specialists work a variety of positions for various companies to make sure users of their internet tools and software are having a pleasant experience with no technical issues or difficulties. Specialists are often available 24 hours a day as a customer service type of person that a user can get in immediate contact with regarding difficulties. Some specialists are available by phone, while others are available through various websites as someone a user can chat online with regarding customer support. Internet quality assurance specialists are well educated on the company they work for and are continually educated on advancements and improvements.

Education and Training Requirements

Internet quality assurance specialists usually have a Bachelor’s degree in information technology, computer science or a related field. Some receive their education through a trade or vocational school that specializes in internet technologies and software development. Internet quality assurance specialists must be able to understand coding and software that goes on behind the scenes of a website or internet company. They must also be trained in customer support so they can explain what a customer needs to do in order to fix their problem.

Getting the Job

Many internet quality assurance specialists start off working in the information technology department of a company. This will give them experience working with computers and software and also experience working in customer support.

Internet quality assurance specialists must have excellent written and oral communication skills. They must be patient when explaining procedures or websites to customers, as many people are completely unfamiliar with technology and rely on support to get them to where they need to be.

Internet quality assurance specialists also understand different types of browsers used for searching the internet and understand how that may affect the online experience of a customer. They are aware of new advancements with internet technologies and use this knowledge to determine what needs to be done to guarantee a pleasant experience to internet users.

Job Prospects, Employment Outlook and Career Development

Internet quality assurance specialists usually start off working for small internet based companies. They will be available by phone, email or instant messaging for customers who need assistance using their service. Many specialists advance to working for a large internet company like Firefox or Safari. These internet specialists need to be well educated on everything that goes into creating an effective browser and able to explain to customers how to easily and effectively use their services.

Internet quality assurance specialists who work for a large company may be asked to create and distribute surveys to customers. Surveys may be distributed to observe statistical data regarding support customers have received through the website as well as their satisfaction with ease and accessibility regarding their overall website experience.

Due to rapid advancements in the field of internet, computers and technology, the employment outlook for internet quality assurance specialists is rapidly increasing. More and more companies are relying on the internet to promote their company or sell their products, and if they have a large database of online customers they will want a specialist available to help them with problems to prevent delays or prevent the loss of users or customers.

Working Conditions and Environment

Internet quality assurance specialists spend most of their time working in front of a computer and on the phone, helping resolve issues with customers and provide support they need. Most specialists are able to work from home or a personal office, so they have freedom of working from home but still must be available during specific times for customers.

Some internet quality assurance specialists may be required to work long or unusual hours. Websites run 24 hours a day, and often times want someone available to provide customer support around the clock. Specialists may have to be available to provide support overnight or early in the morning.

Workload for internet quality assurance specialists can vary greatly from day to day. One day a specialist could be forced to assist hundreds of people, and other days might fly by without having anyone need assistance. Specialists must be able to work under pressure and maintain their composure if they are working with unhappy customers who do not have the patience to wait for something to be fixed.

Salary and Benefits

The average salary for an internet quality assurance specialist is about $42,000 per year. Salaries can vary significantly in this field, as a specialist who works for a small internet based company than someone who works for a large company such as a web browser.

Full-time employees receive health insurance benefits as well as vacation and sick leave allowance. Some internet quality assurance specialists have the ability to create their own schedule and make their own hours by working at home, so the biggest benefit to them is being able to work from home and spend time with their family while still holding down a steady job. Some do work in offices where they provide support with a group of workers and work together to improve programs and software, but for the most part, internet quality assurance specialists work out of their home or personal office.

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