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Definition and Nature of the Work, Education and Training Requirements, Getting the Job

Education and Training Bachelor’s degree

Average Salary $74,000 per year

Job Outlook Very good

Basic Job Description

Internet developers work with companies to create web programs that allow for better company communication. They assess a company’s needs and practices to create a program that provides an intranet database that all employees have access to for easy communication with one another. They also perform maintenance on these programs and update them at a company’s request. Internet developers often meet with several departments within a business to understand what they need to effectively communicate with other departments and what types of programs through the web could help their department run smoother. Developers often create several programs themselves to use as templates, and then modify them slightly to fit a company’s needs.

Education and Training Requirements

Internet developers often train in web development, web design or a related field from a school that specializes in internet and computer based technologies. They learn web design strategies, how to create web sites and web pages, and how to create programs using a variety of techniques that will help business owners as well as their employees easily navigate through the program and communicate effectively.

Internet developers usually start off working as an intern or apprentice under a professional in order to gain hands-on experience. Most schooling in this field is hands-on, so someone who is a fast learner with computer programs will easily be able to adapt to internet developing. Some high school computer courses even offer classes that teach the basics of web development, so high school students who have learned the basics may often go right into working with a professional in the field and looking for a career.

Getting the Job

Internet developers need to be educated or trained in all aspects of internet technology and understand how businesses can use it to their benefit. Since they primarily work with business owners, internet developers usually take business courses to gain a general understanding of how to tie in business and technology.

Internet developers must have excellent written and oral communication skills. Many times they will have to hold meetings with different business departments to determine what should be added into a company web database that will benefit them. They also frequently hold meetings with business owners and their IT department to come up with a strategy that will implement an internet database.

Developers will also have to consistently keep up with the latest technology and advancements with the internet. Business owners like to keep up to date with these practices, and often rely on a developer to help them use them to their advantage.

Job Prospects, Employment Outlook and Career Development

Many internet developers start of working in an IT department for a company, working as tech support and keeping databases up to date. This is an ideal job for someone who is familiar with technology and computers and knows how to explain how systems and processes work to employees.

While working for an IT company or in an IT department for a business, many workers will start working in internet development or trying to implement databases using the internet into the whole technology aspect that is used by the company. Eventually, many IT workers advance to working solely in internet development and continually develop new databases that can be effectively used by a company.

Many internet developers advance their career by working for several businesses at once as a freelance contractor. They become self-employed and will visit with several businesses in a day to hold meetings and consultations, determine what companies need developed and pitch new strategies to them.

Internet developers also use their knowledge to create new technological advancements. Many developers have rapidly advanced their career by creating applications that can be used on phones and computers, including GPS tracking system advancements, iPhone applications or hands-free devices for cellular phones. Due to the rapidly increasing technology and internet world, employee outlook for internet developers is excellent. More and more companies need someone who is well educated and skilled with internet technology.

Working Conditions and Environment

Internet developers spend most of their day working in front of a computer and creating databases and intranet communication forums for businesses. When they are not developing these, they are visiting businesses and finding out what is needed from them. Internet developers who are self-employed typically work from home or a personal office, and do their computer work from there. The rest of their time is spent visiting the businesses. Depending on how many clients a developer has, they can have extremely hectic workdays where they have to go to several places at once, or slow workdays where they only need to visit one place or can even spend the day working from home. The self employment aspect of being an internet developer allows freedom to create a schedule that revolves around the developers clients and personal needs.

Internet developers spend time both working alone and working with lots of people, so the environment varies according to the type of business they work for. Developers can have clients in all types of business including law firms, public relations and marketing firms, event promotion companies, and a variety of other businesses. The variety of clients allows internet developers to learn about many different business aspects and constantly learn more about how businesses conduct their work.

Salary and Benefits

The average salary for an internet developer is about $74,000 per year. Salaries can be much lower if a developer is just starting out and does not have many big clients, but can move their way into a six figure income over time. An internet developer who handles large businesses such as law or public relations firms can make a significant income as their own business.

Internet developers are frequently self-employed, which requires them to purchase their own health insurance and other benefits such as 401K. Self-employed developers must also work vacation and sick time around the needs of their clients and amount of workload they are dealing with.

Internet developers who work for one specific company as a full-time employee will often receive health insurance and other benefits from their employer. Vacation and sick time will vary according to who a developer is working for as well.

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