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Energy And The Environment, Warfare, Taking Nanotechnology Into Outer Space, Nanotechnology And The Distant Future

Within a few years, nanotech products related to information technology and health care will be commercially available. As manufacturers begin to take advantage of the improvements made possible by nanomaterials, they will release more and more products incorporating nanoparticles and utilizing other applications of nanotechnology.

In other industries, it will take longer for nanotechnology to realize its potential. The transportation industry, for example, could benefit hugely from nanotechnology. Nanolubricants and coatings could keep vehicles running more smoothly and prevent breakdowns. The usage of strong, lightweight nanotubes in manufacturing could greatly reduce a car's weight. Nanotechnology could help the auto and aerospace industries achieve better fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. But if manufacturers do embrace nanotechnology, these improvements will be slow in coming. It is hard to predict when nanotechnology will bring innovation to the transportation industry, and even harder to envision how this will affect the future job market in the industry.

Likewise, nanotechnology has the potential to bring dramatic change and job growth to other fields, but it is difficult to guess if and when this will occur. Three such areas are energy and the environment, the military, and space exploration.

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