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A Promising Future

Any tennis fanatic has probably heard how nanotechnology has been used to improve the tennis rackets made by several manufacturers. To a novice, though, a tennis racket incorporating particles called nanotubes looks no different from any other. The effect of nanotechnology is demonstrated through the product's improved features, not by a flashy appearance. In this sense, the nanotechnology revolution will be an invisible one.

Many industries have a strong interest in nanotechnology. Nanomaterials have been incorporated into sports equipment, cosmetics, and clothing. Nanotechnology could bring about revolutions in health care and computing, and has potential in the energy and telecommunications industries. Concerns have been raised about possible environmental risks posed by nanomaterials, but when properly used, they could actually be used in environmental cleanup.

If nanotechnology is such a widespread phenomenon, you may wonder, why are there no nanotechnology stores in the mall? Where do you start looking for an entry-level job in such a promising field?

While nanotechnology will eventually transform many industries and affect our daily lives, it is still on the verge of making major commercial breakthroughs. Massive government grants, along with private investments, have led to the establishment of numerous labs and institutes across the country. Nanotechnology research and development is yielding promising results for future nanotech products, and many nanotech products are already on the market.

Nanotechnology currently requires a highly skilled and educated workforce. The number of nanotechnology jobs worldwide is expected to soar over the next decade. In the near future, there will be an exciting range of career paths open to nanotechnology-savvy professionals prepared to take advantage of the opportunities created by the expansion of the nanotech market.

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