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A volcano erupts in Africa, and you are there. The winning goal is kicked through the posts at a World Cup soccer game in Brazil, and you are there. The president goes to Russia to visit the new prime minister, and you are there. As a photojournalist, you could cover any one of these stories. Your pictures could bring the world to readers of newspapers and magazines back home.

The life of a photojournalist is not an easy one. Photojournalists often work long hours and are usually not on a regular schedule. They might be awakened at 2:00 AM and told that they need to be in another country the next morning. Sometimes the job can be dangerous. It can often be uncomfortable lugging around heavy equipment or waiting outside in the rain for something to happen. But if you love to take photographs, have a good eye and a sense of business and adventure, and are ready to pick up and go at a moment's notice, photojournalism might be for you.


The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists salaries for photojournalists ranging from about $13,000 to more than $46,000 per year. They mention that freelance photographers generally earn less than photographers who work full-time for a newspaper or magazine.


According to The Best Jobs for the 21st Century, Third Edition, average growth is predicted for photojournalists. However, there is a growing need for digital images for online versions of newspapers and magazines. As a result there may be an increase in the demand for photographers for news services.

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