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The American Society of Media Photographers, Inc. (ASMP)
150 North Second Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106
(215) 451-2767
Web site: http://www.asmp.org
ASMP provides information to photographers whose work appears in any kind of publication.

National Press Photographers Association (NPPA)
3200 Croasdaile Drive, Suite 360
Durham, NC 27705
(919) 383-7246
Web site: http://www.nppa.org
NPPA is a great resource for internships and general information about photojournalism. They also sponsor workshops.

Professional Photographers of America, Inc.
229 Peachtree Street NE, Suite 2200
Atlanta, GA 30303
(404) 522-8600
e-mail: csc@ppa.com
Web site: http://www.ppa.com
PPA has information on the business side of photography, as well as the creative side.


Apogee Photo
This online magazine has articles, contests, and a section for young photographers.

The Digital Filmmaker
Digital Filmmaker focuses on telling stories in pictures. There are links to other photojournalism sites, and a discussion group for photojournalists with ideas on getting into photojournalism.

In addition to a bookstore and gallery, this site features links to hundreds of photography-related Web sites.

PDN Online
This is the online version of Photo District News magazine. It features news, articles, and information on new products.


Farr, J. Michael. America's Top Jobs for People without a Four-Year Degree. Fifth ed. Indianapolis, IN: JIST Works, Inc., 2001.
This book has information on careers in photography, as well as other careers that do not require college.

Horton, Brian. Associated Press Guide to Photojournalism. Second ed. New York: McGraw-Hill Professional, 2001.
Different types of photojournalism, techniques for taking good photographs, and interviews with photojournalists are highlighted in this book.

Kobre, Kenneth. Photojournalism: The Professional's Approach. Woburn, MA: Focal Press, 2000.
This textbook covers all aspects of photojournalism. It includes interviews with photojournalists and tips and techniques for taking great photographs.

McLean, Cheryl. Careers for Shutterbugs and Other Candid Types. Lincolnwood, IL: VGM Career Horizons, 1995.
This book provides a good overview of different types of jobs in photojournalism.


Photo District News
To get a special student rate, orders must be sent to:
Photo District News
P.O. Box 1983
Marion, OH 43306-2083
Web site: http://www.pdn-pix.com/subscribe
Photo District News contains articles and information for professional photographers.

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