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Do you love being on the water? Would you like to spend your days fishing on the open sea, drifting down the Mississippi on a riverboat, or crossing the Pacific Ocean on a cruise ship? Deckhands work on many types of boats, including cruise ships, cargo ships, fishing boats, barges, riverboats, and ferries. Some deckhands even work on luxury yachts on round-the-world trips.


Salaries for deckhands also vary. Workers on fishing boats make between $300 and $750 per week, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Salaries for workers on fishing boats vary according to the season, and depend on how many fish are caught on a trip. Water transportation workers earn about $11.70 per hour. Pay varies for deckhands who work on small cruise ships and yachts.


The outlook for deckhand jobs varies. Jobs on cruise ships will probably increase over the next few years. Deckhand jobs on fishing boats and cargo ships may decline slightly.

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