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Education And Training

In the United States, real estate agents must be licensed in the state in which they do business. Some states require an agent to take a real estate course (about thirty to ninety classroom hours) before taking the licensing exam. These courses cover ownership and transfer of real estate, state regulation, mortgages, financing, federal fair housing law, and consumer protection law. Brokers take additional courses that include real property law, contract law, property management, and appraisal.

High school courses in English, math, psychology, and economics will help you prepare for a career in real estate. One of the best ways of training for a successful real estate career is to get to know the community in which you will be working. Learn about the schools, recreation opportunities, and shopping areas. Become familiar with the zoning laws and the homeowners’ covenants. The more you know, the more you can target the right house for a buyer.

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